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Off-road Storage Boxes

Looking to add storage to your vans rear door?

Outfitting your sprinter van with a rear door storage box means that you will always have a place to store your recovery gear or room to stow that wet or  smelly sports equipment.

Avatar Offroad makes a variety of rear door  storage boxes for your van to support your overland off-road adventures, trips to the ski mountain, golf course, or that trip to Costco. All of Avatar Offroad’s  storage boxes are custom made from aluminum, are lockable, and come powder coated black. This makes our boxes lightweight and rugged enough to survive your next adventure.

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Rear door storage or Rear bumper storage? Avatar Offroad storage boxes come in a variety of sizes. What started as a basic set of boxes, (small, medium, large) has grown into the largest van box range on the market. We refer to our boxes as Centi, Deka, Kilo, Mega, Giga, and the Ski 6 Storage boxes. All our boxes require a mounting platform, and we have two different options available and predrilled. Our largest box is named the Ski Storage Box. It comes with our custom ski accessories to handle at least 6 pairs of your favorite skis and three sets of poles.  Our favorite medium box is designed to carry all your camping gear and has a flip down door perfect for holding your camp stove.  We have boxes specifically designed for up to a 3500 watt generator or a few 5 gallon jugs of fuel.  For the sprinter rear door storage we offer the Sir Packs-a-lot, a mounting platform that attaches to the rear door hinges. The Sir Packs-a-lot rear mount is perfect for any of our storage boxes as well as mounting additional ROTO PAX containers or your favorite recovery devices.  We are also working on a sprinter rear bumper with hinges that would allow you to mount a small rear storage box as well as a rear spare tire if desired.  The Nissan NV also has rear bumper storage options, with or without rear bumper winch .  Technical storage box specks: All storage boxes are Tig welded by hand in our Utah  manufacturing facility out of 5052 aluminum.  Avatar van storage boxes also work with our swing rear bumper available for the Nissan NV 3500 van. Custom size rear storage box for your van or truck. Don’t see a rear storage box that fits your needs? Need a box that fits a specific generator or jerry can? Avatar Offroad can custom build you the box you need.  Call (801) 569-8899 for a quote.
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