Nissan’s 2020 SEMA Show Titan Truck

Custom overland 2020 Titan truck has a nice article on Nissan’s 2020 SEMA show Titan truck. According to the article Nissan partnered with Fluid Peak Collective to create the ultimate overlanding rig. Among other things, Avatar Titan front and rear bumpers, Roof Rack and Skid Plates were outfitted.

Complimenting the tough roof rack and bright lights is a 40-inch light bar mounted up alongside the winch to a full Avatar Metal Works front bumper. A rear bumper was mounted up as well as full skid plates to protect the Titan. The entire package created first by Nissan and then outfitted by B&S Customizing for Fluid Peak Collective allows anyone to hop in the chariot-like Titan, trek over any trail, pull right up to the shoreline, and paddle out to continue their adventure.

Driving Line
Custom overland 2020 Titan truck

We have to admit. This Titan truck looks pretty awesome.

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